Refereed publications
(Some preprints of published or unpublished publications can be found here – in any case, do not hesitate to contact me for offprints.)
  • S. Rupprecht, M. A. Peter, L. G. Bennetts, H. Chung (2015)
    Towards a model for wave attenuation through a rough floating elastic plate. In: Proc. of 7th International Conference on Hydroelasticity in Marine Technology (ed. by S. Malenica, N. Vladimir & I. Senjanovic), Split (Croatia), pp. 139–147.
  • M. A. Peter, M. Böhm (2005)
    Scalings in homogenisation of reaction, diffusion and interfacial exchange in a two-phase medium. In: Proc. Equadiff-11 (ed. by M. Fila, A. Handlovicova, K. Mikula, M. Medved, P. Quittner and D. Sevcovic), Bratislava (SK), pp. 369–376.
Technical reports and theses
  • M. A. Peter (2006)
    Coupled reaction–diffusion systems and evolving microstructure: mathematical modelling and homogenisation. PhD dissertation, University of Bremen, Germany. Logos Verlag Berlin, 2007.
  • M. A. Peter (2003)
    Modelling and homogenisation of reaction and interfacial exchange in porous media. Diplom thesis, University of Bremen, Germany.
  • M. A. Peter (2002)
    The interaction of multiple floating bodies and water waves with the application to the motion of ice floes. MSc thesis, Massey University, New Zealand.